Thermal Pest Inspection

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A Thermal Pest Inspection is a visual inspection of the property which aims to identify any evidence of past or present termite activity or damage within and around the property with the aid of the latest technology.

It is a fact that termites are attracted to areas with a high level of moisture. A Moisture Meter is a tool used by our inspectors to calculate the level of moisture and dampness in walls and shower recesses.

A Thermal Imaging Camera is a new technology that our inspectors use which allows a more thorough and comprehensive inspection to take place as it can see more than the naked eye. The thermal camera can detect large amounts of moisture and heat on wall surfaces that can indicate termite activity. 

After the pest inspection is carried out a thorough pest report is provided which will give any potential property buyer clear information on any evidence of termite activity or damage found within the property which is essential before you purchase a property. This will be supported by clear images of any defects found. The report will also provide recommendations for any treatment necessary for termite activity present and/or the prevention of further termite attacks.