How Important Is Pre-Purchase Pest Inspection?

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With the Sydney skyline being beautifully graced by sky scrapers, it is now evident that real estate business is thriving. What used to be suburbs are now boasting of posh villas and residential homes that are built day after day.

Though building inspection is done, pest inspection is however sidelined. Pre-purchase pest inspection enables you to make an informed and sound decision if to make or drop the inspection package purchase.

What is pest inspection for?

Pest inspection unlike other inspections is not a one-time thing but a lifetime process. This inspection is for the buildings and structures under construction, rental apartments and commercial blocks too. The main reason why you should have the pest inspection done by a renowned company is that they follow a specialized plan. They consider the size of your home, infestation level and do a follow up after a specific period of time to counter any infestation. Lastly, the inspection is for the people not familiar with pest infestation such as new home owners. They are saved from any hazardous chemical or trap that might be used.

The signs to look at if a property is pest infested or damaged

For a pest infestation to become noticeable, the pests must have lived for a long period of time to an extent of forming colonies and establishing some parts in your property as their home. Among the places commonly affected are wood works. They include doors, wooden floors and ceiling. Check for burrows and holes especially for carpenter bees and beetles.

Keenly observe your garden and lawn for any soft spot. Soft spots are an indication of burrows made by moles or ground wasps. For bigger pests such as rodents, check if the screen and fences are intact. If damaged, chances are that you are infested by mice, squirrels, or rats. Droppings, eggs and wings too should be an indication that raccoons, mice and termites are being housed at your home.

Here are some unknown facts about termites that you should know.

How do pest inspectors look for pests and their colonies?

For an inspector, this is a light task since it's what they have been trained for. Inspectors mainly identify pest and colonies by visually inspecting your property. Sydney is home to many inspectors hence you should consider the most reliable. They start by inspecting easily accessible areas before forcefully gaining access to other areas by boring holes or using light. Among the easily accessible areas are rooms, garden and garage but sub floor and ceiling have to be accessed forcefully.

What are the possible treatment for pest infestation?

When an inspector raises a red alarm that you are infested, you should shun any rising worries since you can treat your property. Pest inspections in Sydney are done at least twice; first treatment and then prevention. For any flying pest like mosquitoes, you should use a spray that is not hazardous to human. For crawling and walking pests like spiders and termites, consider using dust treatments.

For highly developed pests like mice and foxes, have a trap put in place to the areas they commonly access. Put baits that will easily attract them. These are some of the easy ways to control pests. For complicated treatments meant for termites, you should consider having a chemical soil treatment done by an inspector. If the above ways still do not sound enticing, do a building modification for your property though this should be the last option.

Pest infestation is no longer considered a major problem by the Sydney residents, thanks to expert inspectors. Have you checked your property? Do not be a victim of the infestation tragedy, call an established pest inspector today.