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Purchasing property is a significant investment and this makes it necessary to take precautions to ensure you get value for your money. You need to inspect a building’s electrical systems before you buy it. These systems play a critical role in a building and this means that they should always be in great condition.

They can be the source of potentially destructive and expensive issues if they are not examined. Electrical system problems are not always obvious and this makes thorough inspections essential. You can mitigate the risk of faulty systems by getting a thorough inspection of the building.

Electrical safety is all about ensuring that each component in the system is properly installed following building regulations. It also includes ensuring there is no wear and tear that can pose a risk in future.

The building you intend to purchase should have a safety switch to stop excessive current. Inspections should be performed by licensed electricians who are knowledgeable about the regulations in place regarding electrical installations. Qualified personnel are more likely to identify faults in the electrical system and this can help to prevent fire hazards in the future. They will also offer solutions to address any issues they discover.

Electrical-Safety-Tips-When-Buying-A-Property-AUSInspections -- pre sale building inspection

Issues to Look For

An electrician will look out for various issues when they are inspecting the building you intend to purchase.

Unprotected Permanent Wiring

All permanent wiring should be sheathed using conduit. Any uncovered permanent wiring poses a significant risk. Electricians will also look out for temporary cords that are being used to supply permanent power. This can be quite risky especially when the extension cords are used for exterior applications.

Power Box Warning Signs

Professional inspectors will also examine the power box for electrical issues. Some of the things they will check for in the box include burned, exposed or melted wires. It is also important to ensure the building’s power box is easily accessible to allow for routine inspections.

Bare Wires

Electricians also look for exposed wires especially in unfinished parts of the building such as basements. These wires are a hazard and they should be protected using junction boxes. The electrician should also ensure they are connected to structural features to prevent tripping.

Inadequate Electrical Service

It is also necessary to determine if the electrical system is able to sustain the building’s electricity demand. The inspector will determine this by checking if the circuit breakers trip when high power appliances are in use. Fuses can also blow if the power supply does not meet the demand.

Worn Out Wiring Systems

This is a common concern in old buildings and it can pose a fire hazard. Electricians will check to determine if there are any outdated power supply systems and recommend updates to prevent fires.

Electrical-Safety-Tips-When-Buying-A-Property-AUSInspections -- pre sale building inspection Sydney

Fires can cause extensive damage and this is the last thing you want once you have invested a significant amount in a building. Pre sale inspections will ensure the building is in a great state before you make the purchase. It is advisable to use qualified professionals for electrical safety inspection to ensure nothing is overlooked on the building's electrical wiring system.

Since pre sale building inspection is of high importance, it is equally important that these electrical circuits are always on their prime condition. Annual or bi-annual building inspection will help your building's circuit wiring be on its top most condition. Electrical wiring repair and replacement can be done during the annual or bi-annual building inspection conducted by your trusted building inspectors.