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Differentiating-Building-and-Pest-Inspection-AUSInspections -- pest inspection Sydney


A good external appearance matters when purchasing properties but examining the interior is as important. Before closing a deal with any individual or company for that matter, undergoing building and pest inspections is very important for your safety and protection.

Although some individuals find it sufficient to undergo building inspections without pest inspection, it is highly advisable for you to undergo both to secure your investment. Not only can you discover any underlying damages due to termites or other pests but you will also find out where the pests are when you undergo pest inspection.

Building and Pest Inspection Sydney

Both building and pest inspections are conducted for the benefit of the buyer and seller of a property prior to the sale. There are, however, differences between a building inspection and a pest inspection.

Building inspection primarily deals with the detection of structural damages, inadequacies, footing issues and potential safety and fire hazards of the property. It is also essential in determining existence of damp issues and leaking showers.

On the other hand, pest inspection is conducted to determine existence of any hidden structural issue due to pest infestation. It is usually conducted in buildings with timber structures which are susceptible to invasion by termites and wood decay fungi.

Purpose and Importance

Property purchase in Australia allows customers a 5-day cooling-off period to give the buyer a chance to inspect the building and cancel the contract in case he finds it unlikely. During this period, it is important for you to undergo both building and pest inspection in order to come up with a good decision.

Building inspection is designed to ensure safety and protection among buyers prior to purchase of any given property. It is conducted to detect any damage brought about by any causes and help the buyer determine whether to take the risk and purchase the property or not.

Pest inspection, on the other hand, is very important to find out damages which are not necessarily detected during an ordinary building inspection. Most damages caused by pests are hidden from ordinary view and it is through pest inspections that you can find out more about existing problems.


Differentiating-Building-and-Pest-Inspection-AUSInspections -- building inspection Sydney


Activities Involved

Activities involved during a building inspection and pest inspection varies. Activities during a building inspection include checking the subroof, the roof interior and exterior, the building interior and exterior and the actual site as a whole. On the other hand, pest inspection involves extensively checking out timber and wooden structures of the house to determine actual and potential existence of pests.

Inspection Reports

After inspection, you will receive a summary report of all the findings from the building and pest inspection professionals. The report will provide a list of problems that exist and those that may exist if left untreated. Through the report, you will understand the problem and what it looks like.

You will also receive an overall recommendation from the inspection team on whether purchasing the property will be to your advantage. The final decision, however, still lies on your choice.


For a full insight about your prospect property, choose to undergo both building and pest inspection. Call a building and pest inspection Sydney experts for more information.